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The Logos Empowerment Girls High School was initiated and influenced by the work of the Hon. Rev. Canon L. and Mrs Muyambi who are well known figures in the Gokwe South District for initiating community development projects such as the C.Z.M. Primary school, the C.Z.M. clinic, and the St Agnes Gokwe Children’s Home. The school is registered with the Ministry of Education, Arts, Sports and culture. It opened its doors to the public in January 2012. The rationale behind the establishment of the school is that there was only one Girls High school in the Midlands region. Hence there was a need for the establishment of another Girls High school which is involved in empowering the girl child and lobbying for their rights so as to attain the priority goals of the Millennium Development Goals.

Logos Empowerment Girls High School seeks to liberate, protect, empower, value and humanise a girl child in the society and all spheres of the Zimbabwean and international patriarchal dominated global village. Male dominance in Zimbabwe is part of socialisation from the moment a girl child is born. The feminisation of chores and roles for the girl child within the family and wider society subject them to the back of the pack on family, community and national agendas. These stereotypical cultural values are reinforced through the education system, cultural and religious practices in the communities where these girls are growing up in. The bottle-neck system becomes more evident at the hierarchy of government structure and the political playing field in Zimbabwe. Logos Empowerment Girls High School therefore seeks to join other democratic, christian and pragmatists in lobbying and providing for the girl child through education. It is envisaged that the high school will provide a safe haven and a sanctuary for the girls to be natured and nurtured for the future leadership roles of Zimbabwe and the global village fit for the 21st century. If Zimbabwe is to develop the girl power, there is need to focus on equipping today’s girls as they are the future mother’s, wives, nuns, spinsters and presidents and prime ministers of tomorrow. The High School is expected to develop into a boarding school to provide a safe environment for girls to develop free from daily interruptions and exploitation from a masculinity society and males who prey on vulnerable girls. The temporary separation will help these girls develop independent minds and facilitate an environement where they can make free choices about their chosen professional and life pathways. It is common practice in some traditional families in Zimbabwe to give away their daughters in exchange for food, draught power or cash for survival particularly during draught seasons and economic hardships. Girls are also given away to appease the vengeance spirit in the cases of murder. Electronic and press media is littered with reports of girls being sexually exploited for a ‘loaf of bread’ or basic life necessities by older men in Zimbabwe and other parts of the global village. Logos Girls Empowerment High School as the name suggests, seeks to give a voice to these vulnerable voiceless girls. The school will give the girls a voice to educate their communities through the contributions these girls are expected to offer their communities and their productive contribution to the global village. The authorities at Logos Empowerment Girls High School view positive discrimination of the girl child as a way of educating the nation and bringing about the agenda of gender equality to fruition. Financial donations and material support is desperately required to continue developing the much awaited girls school. Your prayers to help change societal attitudes towards the exploited females and girls in particular are greatly appreciated. If you wish to donate towards the construction of Logos Empowerment Girls High School, please write a cheque out to Community of Holy Fire (Logos) and forward it to details under how to contact us. 

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